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      Beijing opera makes London debut

      Sep 23, 2013

      Beijing opera makes London debut Tianjin City Youth Beijing Opera Troupe (TCYBOT) made its debut in London Saturday afternoon by enthralling British audience with the traditional Chinese theater performances. As one of the top Chinese art troupes, TCYBOT has brought a big... [Details]

      Huizhou style mooncakes

      Sep 23, 2013

      Huizhou style mooncakes Chinas Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. As with every Chinese festival, it has its very own special food eaten for the celebrations. This time its the mooncake. Mooncakes are similar to small pies, complete with various fillings. The del... [Details]

      High demand for Chinese art on the block

      Sep 22, 2013

      Chinese art continues to be a draw at US auction houses, with a bronze figure from the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty just selling for $1.3 million at Bonhams New York. The figure of the deity Shadakshari Lokeshvara is made of a fine and... [Details]

      Learning China through its food

      Sep 22, 2013

      The great philosopher Confucius (551 - 479 BC) could never have imagined that one of his random scraps of wisdom - One should eat no rice but is of the finest quality and no meat but is delicately minced - would one day serve as the foundat... [Details]

      8 Bizarre Chinese Foods and How to Eat Them

      Sep 18, 2013

      8 Bizarre Chinese Foods and How to Eat Them Whether youve just arrived in China or are considered an old timer, chances are you still run into certain foods that make you do a double take. Here are some delicacies that will most likely give you pause and a few tips on how to approach... [Details]

      Five Off the Beaten Track Destinations in China

      Sep 18, 2013

      The October National Holiday is approaching and many of us are considering our travel options. 1) Western Yunnan: Tengchong and Ruili Tengchong is home to a dormant volcano, amazing hot springs, a charming old town with old style Chinese ar... [Details]