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      Observing filial piety in China

      Sep 27, 2013

      Draw a picture for your parents. It may not be a good idea for some people, but it may be a good one for art lovers. It doesnt have to be professional. Writing things like I miss you somewhere on the picture is usually good enough. Teach yo... [Details]

      Teachers bring home fresh ideas

      Sep 27, 2013

      When you give someone a hug, you usually get one in return. This is exactly what hundreds of Chinese teachers and volunteers have experienced after working for Confucius Institutes overseas. Every year, Xus organization sends about 10,000 C... [Details]

      China seeks lessons in attracting more foreign students

      Sep 25, 2013

      China seeks lessons in attracting more foreign students Although the number of foreign students studying on the Chinese mainland has increased steadily in the past eight years, it still falls far behind the number of Chinese students going... [Details]

      China to inaugurate Shanghai FTZ on Sept 29

      Sep 25, 2013

      China to inaugurate Shanghai FTZ on Sept 29 SHANGHAI -- China will officially launch the pilot free trade zone in Shanghai on Sept 29, taking a solid step forward to boost reforms in the worlds second-largest economy. Preparation work is go... [Details]

      Glimpses of history

      Sep 24, 2013

      The ongoing exhibition, Glory of the Yuanmingyuan, in Moscow, features a miniature model of Haiyantang, the largest European garden in Yuanmingyuan, along with replicas of the 12 bronze zodiac animal heads that adorn its fountain. An exhibit... [Details]

      Beijing Entertainment

      Sep 24, 2013

      Beijing Entertainment In the old days, lives in all Chinese cities revolved around the drum tower (gulou), which announced the time. The Drum Tower of Beijing was built in 1272 during the reign of Kublai Khan. It functioned as the official timepiece until 1924,... [Details]