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      My Experience as a Enke Education China Volunteer

      Time:Sep 05, 2013
      My Experience as a Enke Education China Volunteer
      It has already been nearly a year since I have completed my teaching as a Enke Education volunteer teacher in a college in Xindu, China, and I review the experience  with combined emotions with fondness, yearning, and ntense relief.
      My Experience as a Enke Education China Volunteer  
      When you arrive in China, Enke Education retains you really hectic that you don’t have the time to concern more things. The important is on cultural integration, and it’s appealing choice made by Enke Education for me. Enke Education language training is actually intense however really satisfying. On our first day in China we started studying basic, survival Chinese. The whole training, on an average week, we attended about four hours of language class Monday through Saturday. It was the humbling experience to express at least, as I came to terms with just how hard studying Chinese language really is. I’ve never felt comfortable being so emphatic in my speaking. In fact when I first arrived in China, hearing the discussions, I always wondered the reason why there were a lot of quarrels and they were always shouting with anothers. Mom was very insistent which I eat a few of the local food such as hot pot, chicken feet, cow brain, and rabbit head. She was very good at cooking. However, live with my host family was enjoyment. You should maintain a good open thoughts along with a sense of humor. Looking foolish is unavoidable when you’re learning a new language and living in a foreign country.
      My Experience as a Enke Education China Volunteer  
      After the first semester things went much smoother, once I’d modified my anticipation and developed strategies for dealing with these constant issues. In fact, the majority of my students were excited to have a foreign teacher and very eager to cooperate and learn. Several had never met a foreigner before.  At least, I attempted to provide a good impact of Americans and that's a large part of Enke Education objective. Service in Enke Education was one of the richest, most rewarding experiences of my life. My service sparked an insatiable interest in Chinese culture and literature that continues to this day. After my service, I chose to remain in Chengdu, and I am still here today learning Chinese language.
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