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      Zhejiang Jiaxing Nanhu high school

      Time:Jan 09, 2014
         Jia xing is a beautiful city with a long history of more than 1500 years old in  China

         The city is located in the northeast of Zhe jiang province,covering an area of 3915 square kilometers. There are 4501700 people in the city. The city has three districts and five county to control.
         Jia xing is a favorable place, because its beautiful scenery. The most famous river Lake Tai and chang jiang river are crossing it .
      Also it is a good city because of its balanced development ,like heavy industry, light industry and the third industry. Recent years, his economy has got a great improvement . Since the open and reform policy, the people will have a more comfortable like in the short future.

      The school front gate

        The graduation photo

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