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      Hunan High School

      Time:May 22, 2018
      Hunan High School is a century-old school with profound culture and outstanding achievements. It is also a window school in the new historical period that adheres to education inheritance and innovation, actively leads the trend, and is recognized by the public as quality education.
      The school is located in the beautiful scenery of the Xiangjiang River in Changsha, Hunan, and the Yuelu Mountains with rich culture. The environment is beautiful, the layout is coordinated, and the function zoning is reasonable.The campus covers an area of 104,200 square meters, with a green coverage rate of 51.1%, a celebrity cultural corridor, a climbing monument, a longing for sculpture, and a Century Park Plaza, which show the school's alternate historical and cultural heritage, and The Small bridges, running water, fountains, pavilions, Birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers,good educational environment;The green trees and red walls of the entire campus are beautiful, clean and tidy, and the campus is more civilized.The education and teaching facilities are complete, and they have the information function;The living facilities are complete, providing a good life service for teachers and students.
      The school has strong teachers.Each year, about 10 foreign teachers are engaged in English teaching.

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